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August 28, 2012


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Laura Venecia Rodriguez

I remember seeing info about Rainbeau Mars. Glad you were able to restart your path!


There are so many yoga flashes-in-the-pan with the trendy instructors these days... Rainbeau Mars flew very close to the sun in this red-hot commercial yoga world; and after a few years, is now leaving teaching yoga for a show-biz career.

I once tried to get a video of hers--all sold out. That was truly synchronicity, there'd instead been a copy of a pilates/yoga fusion video by a well-known instructor that helped restart me on my path ...

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Tao Porchon Lynch is one of my favorite instructors, a living legend. Waiting for your new post about the time you spent with this legend.

Laura Rodriguez

Please note that I HAVE written about this book before in a blog post. It's such a classic and has so many gems of wisdom, that I felt COMPELLED to recommend it AGAIN!

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