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June 26, 2012


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Some people can “do nothing” just by sitting still, and others can sit and count their breaths.

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You might think it is hard to find the right Yoga teacher training, but there are many options for aspiring Yoga instructors. Here are some of the many choices you should consider, when you are deciding to become a Yoga instructor.

Laura Rodriguez

Yes, Bill. I agree that it's wonderful to do yoga outside in the fresh air. Just a natter of finding a comfortable spot un-invaded by mosquitos!

Bill Martin

We can do yoga anywhere we like but the best place for me is doing yoga with the nature, shall we say under a shade of tree where I can see the beauty of nature with fresh air. Doing yoga with friends and family is a great bonding and at the same time gives health benefits. Even at work we can do yoga while sitting on a chair.

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Més de nosaltres hauríem d'adoptar un enfocament alegre és vital per obtenir el màxim benefici de ioga. Algunes persones no es transfereixen a la pràctica de l'esperit del ioga en la seva vida quotidiana o de mantenir les coses lleugeres. Recentment, un veí em va parlar d'un nuvi passat que estava realment en el ioga. Però, al meu entendre, sembla haver passat per alt un punt important de la seva pràctica! Tenia una metxa curta i volaria en ràbies la va obligar a sortir de la relació.

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Thank you, Janine. Yes, I love the flexibility and immediate access of addressing issues by doing yoga at home. If I sleep in an awkward position and awaken stiff, I have an immediate aid!



Janine Stewart

The best thing about yoga is that you can actually do this anywhere and at home. I love doing yoga at home especially when I can feel back pain. I usually start with stretching my muscles to avoid the post yoga pain.

Laura Rodriguez

I appreciate your feedback Theresa!

Account Deleted

I feel pleasure to read the content that you are posting.

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