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January 11, 2012


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Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Hello Santosh.

I definitely can understand your viewpoint. The cliché "different strokes for different folks" rings true. Some people, like my daughter, do much better or much prefer participating in classes. And, I have friends who say that they need a class to be more disciplined in their practice. For me, the opposite is true. I love the convenience of practicing at home - no need to drive - and I can do yoga whenever I want - rather than having to go to a scheduled class. Thank you for your comment and perspective.


I am not against yoga classes. But at home also regularity is a big issue.
So I feel like one should join yoga classes. You can find soo many ways to do yoga without going to yoga classes. But when you join a class will encourage you to do a lot more effort.
Regular efforts will pay off.

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I am not against yoga at home but I think I am able to consider regular classes because of the fact that it can give me enough encouragements to pursue what I am doing with the presence of people around me.

Laura Rodriguez

Thanks, Tina. I have tried an occasional podcast but find it difficult not to see the poses.


I'm not against yoga classes, either. I just can't afford them, don't have the time, and am convinced that many don't have the student's best interests at heart and are interested in the bottom line ... with what I have been through.

I have just discovered online downloaded podcasts. They are affordable and can be flexibly scheduled into my day. What's more, they pose a SERIOUS challenge to the self-practice system I've developed over years.

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