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November 12, 2011


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Laura Rodriguez

Have you considered doing/teaching zumba classes? That's fun! I took a free one as part of a conference - loved it. But, my time to attend classes is next to nil.


Thank you for your kind and flattering words. Unfortunately for today's yoga world, my best physical culture talents lay elsewhere. Back when my feet had not been compromised by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, I had thought about becoming a step aerobics instructor.

As I have passed the 4-1/2 year mark for regular yoga practice, I have branched out into 5 Rhythms ... the core endurance developed by vinyasa yoga make this possible, by helping with my balance and taking stress off my feet ...

Always having had a strong sense of rhythm and being light on my feet are my main attributes. You could only imagine what having bad feet used to do for years, to pursuing dance as a form of exercise and movement ... Money I save doing yoga mostly at home, goes to an occasional workshop—in 5 Rhythms.

Laura Rodriguez

Thanks, Tina for all your comments. And, you're right - I have no photoshopped pictures! I don't know how to use that software. I just took photos with my digital camera using a timer and a tripod. I did everything in the book myself except for about 3-4 photos that my daughter took because I didn't want to jump into the poses too fast because of the timer.

It sounds to me as if you could teach your own class! The RIGHT way!


I forgot to say, that's an excellent salabhasana ... I bet your dhanurasana is not too shabby (under-statement) ... judging by your blog, I bet your back thanks you every day ...

I know that your asanas are never photoshopped ...


You already know my story about that humiliating teacher; while he did let me leave class, but he nonetheless pursued some agenda that cost me money and aggravation!

News about that teacher is that he's since moved on to different things; most of the time away from dealing with actual students (as opposed to teacher trainees - who've already proven to have drunk much of the studio "Kool Aid", as it were) ... lol. He's become a big shot in the yoga world. But the most important thing is that he has not changed; it's just he had the perspicacity to recognize this and chose to promulgate a mild style that straitjacketed his very nature. Adjustments and walking around intimidating students in class practically non-existent in that style, but you could show off and bloviate at the front of the class all you please.

[I wish ALL teachers who have that problem, would do that. Works for ME!]

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