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October 31, 2011


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It is not just synchronization to the breath, or "breathing into the posture". Yoga done with awareness, alignment and playing at your edge—also attunes your body to the energy lines along the axes of the planes in space that your limbs and torso occupy in order to express the posture, with extreme forces in balanced opposition to one another.

This will also result in interplay between the hemispheres of the brain as well. Any movement done with limbs in opposition to one another, will optimize one's brain integration and "thinking ability" ...

Where athletic (Western) stretching will relax and elongate your muscles but provide no added strength, yoga (Eastern modality) will both elongate and strengthen (isometrically) opposing muscle groups. Strengthening that occurs would not bulk up your muscles as with conventional exercise or weight training, but would provide graceful, more elongated muscle ...

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