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August 26, 2011


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I really lucked out with the Prem Joshua:

My own sequence that is set to a non-instructional soundtrack that is chosen for its bell-curve in tempo from start to finish ... [I find that I will have to skip two tracks on Shiva Rea's Yoga Rhythms ...]

I did 67 minutes yoga practice accompanied by the music (after non-accompanied pranayama), which kept to the tracks very well (After all these years primarily practicing at home, I have this down to a science.) Certainly, the practice was a lot shorter than most that I have done, but I did a faster sequence.

It was hardly any harder than before. (Mild is what I need.) With all the syncopation in this music, you CAN go off-tempo. It's allowed. There's no Master Teacher standing over you with a whip here.

Laura Rodriguez

Thank you, Tina! I will pass your recommendations on and check out some of these myself.


I have special taste in music to which I practice soft vinyasa ... I see nothing wrong at all, for instance, with MC Yogi's Elephant Power, but it is hardly a steady diet for my vinyasa practice. Some of the young people to whom that album—and others like it— have been targeted, have introduced me and others to it because they can't get enough of that "Ganesh is Fresh" theme.

I tend to do my yoga to albums geared towards an active but soft practice, such as David and Steve Gordon's Yoga Moods, and Soulfood Music/DJ Free's Yogagroove 2 ...

After many months of using both albums in my practice, I am looking to practice to some new ones: Yoga Rhythms by Shiva Rea, Dakini Lounge: Prem Joshua Remixed by Prem Joshua; and Yoga Sessions: Earthrise Soundsystem. Vinyasa being more dancelike than some other forms of yoga, I usually have to listen to the album several times first, including work-throughs with my practice sequence. I find that once I have edited my (nearly all pre-scripted) sequencing to fit the phrasing of the music, all goes smoothly ...

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