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August 08, 2011


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Laura Rodriguez

Thank you - this was a post by a guest.

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Very, very nicely done!

Laura Rodriguez

Thank you, for your comment!

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Is it Yoga nice for cancer patient? Yes, I agree with you that not everyone's body type or bone structure allows to do every yoga posed. I myself admitted that some yoga pose are really so hard for me to do..Thank you for this blog. From this I can helped my friend suffering with cancer..

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Wow- thanks for sharing this article - it is so right on! That's why I ALWAYS advocate listening to one's own body. And, yes, not everyone's body type or bone structure allows them to do every yoga pose.



In addition, I forgot a link to the blog post of an Ashtangi, who feels that there is such a thing as a practitioner's own physical limitations in 3-D, impacting the pace and the reach of one's practice. (And having little to nothing to do with the practitioner's spiritual takeaway from the practice.)


It made my day and proves why you have always been on the right track.

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

That is true! I agree that in many circles yoga has become too trendy and competitive and a big business. I believe more of the focus should be on its healthful benefits and its aid in becoming more focused and serene. And, that it should be a lifestyle.

Thanks for your insights!



The fact is that neither my practice nor your practice could be commercialized in the form of yoga studio chains, video deals (or even YouTube gone viral); and, in your case Yoga Journal has yet to see the light ...

Too many trends exist in yoga today. Neither of us took up yoga to be cool and trendy ...

This is true from restorative through vinyasa and all points in between; in that sense, this blog speaks to me ... whatever my practice is at the time ...

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Well - it appears that you do a much more intensive and challenging form of yoga than I. I focus on gentle hatha yoga - that's it - so, to date, I notice no difference between how I am doing the poses now and how I did them 30-40 years ago except that I put my heart into them much more now. And, I feel more of an energy boost!



Laura, I do remember a home yoga practice from just a few months ago that had my midsection sore and hurting a day and a half later, such that I could not cough, sneeze or laugh without feeling socked in the stomach. Definitely don't do/don't wanna do that anymore.

I developed a very mild case of costochondritis a little over 2 months ago, so I had to finally slow it down. As a younger person, I had been capable of splits and (very) light acrobatics, at the outside. A great sense of rhythm probably made up for my lack of coordination. And I had been a step-aerobicizin' fool.

Half-headstand (variation II) clown pose, crow, bound half moon are the only challenge poses I am left with.

There is a hill that peaks. Or, barring that, there are mental qualities that can do just so much to fight physical lacks of strength or coordination ... sense of rhythm being one of them ... lol

But, spiritually speaking, all of life is rhythm ... and seasons ...

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