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August 18, 2011


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 disney vacation home

Ya !! wright option ! Yoga is a good option stay fit and vacation period .

Laura Rodriguez

Most interesting. If I had done a staycation, doing yoga would have been 10 times easier! It's being in a different environment and with my son that threw off my schedule. I should have clarified that. If I am on vacation myself - it's easy to do the yoga - and yes, I do more!



I just now came off of a practice which lasted my usual 1-1/2 hours ... I am on a staycation, so I did the practice at home ...

Recently did show up at a class ... but I am adamant that I want yoga class (to which I show up once every few weeks or so) to NOT be a part of my staycation (and I live in NYC--which has a thriving studio yoga scene like your DC--so, THERE!) ... actually for the first time ever ...

And it just doesn't feel right doing public yoga near fountains, sharing the sacred space with extreme skateboarders ...

My practices take so long because they are like workouts ... I also diet ...

This (stay)vacation is starting out all right ... lol

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