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August 16, 2011


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Obviously, yoga should be practiced—and not performed—in a more sacred space than what was chosen ...

Nor should anyone who is interested in taking up yoga, feel that a certain body type, range of motion, or degree of youth or natural ability are prerequisites ...


These are yoga teachers, who have probably done very little for yoga, and have possibly set it back a few decades ...


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Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Thanks again for sharing, Tina. Such horror stories of yoga classes. Guess there are bad apples everywhere! I do think that in the examples you gave, the instructors seem to have lost the entire point of yoga!


Here is another article, a little more recent - because not everyone studies the same style (Ashtanga) as does Ecoyogini:


Article points up to the fact that there is a bit of a backlash and commercialized yoga is about to jump its own shark - as in, if you can't teach anything new, then just be a throwback to the aerobics drill sergeants of the '80s in America ...

The thing is, yoga is not aerobics. I would never think to teach yoga, not back then and not now that it's too-trendy, but I HAD entertained the idea of teaching step aerobics ...

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