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May 23, 2011


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Laura Rodriguez

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


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Yoga contains amazing health benefits if we doing yoga regularly than it will really beneficial for us. It helps in preventing lots of disease related to our body and mind.

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

I greatly appreciate your feedback, Dianabol! Thanks!


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I am now 4 years to the day, of regular yoga practice.

I'd had no exposure to DVDs, CDs; and the few books I'd had at the time—the 101 Yoga Tips, and Richard Hittleman, remained on my shelf ... and I just did my own practice ... partially from memory of a class I'd taken 15 years earlier. Then 3 years ago, I'd taken a yoga class at my gym (and I have not been a member of a gym for 3 years).

Something about being in the same room with other students and absorbing their energy (and, yes, their striving attitudes) changed it forever for me. Then came studio classes, here and there. Later on, I noticed a much deeper centering after-effect, from having pushed myself. This happened rarely in class itself (until I finally switched to a more mellow style), but more as a result of the takeaway of how hard I "should" be working at it, FROM class.

I find, at this late juncture, that I want the happy medium between: I have to kick my butt hard in my practice and, just NO ! ... I am NO Type A—I shouldn't feel I'm trying to get anywhere. I simply am not looking to get "anywhere" in my practice (BOY, do I have "process-orientation" nailed ... lol).

I want something to look forward to in my practice ...

Meanwhile there is no money to rejoin the gym, a lengthy commute every day with my job, the yoga studios are greedy for much more business from me (private sessions, unlimited passes ... and "we're here every day"). Enough already.

Nobody is breathing down my neck at home ... :-)

Laura Rodriguez

Exactly! I totally agree. Thanks for your comment.

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Practicing yoga at home adds another dimension to your yoga journey. Doing yoga at home can give you the same great benefits as a class and you will be in total control of how much you learn, and when you learn it.

Laura Rodriguez

Thanks, Tina for sharing. I appreciate your comments. I am writing a post soon on why age is of no consequence in doing gentle yoga.




Yoga classes, as they are taught today, can make you not like to practice yoga at home (or practically anywhere; except, perhaps grudgingly, at the studio itself). Gym yoga is more forgiving, but a similar principle applies.

For the past 4 years, I have practiced yoga regularly; with off and on for 10-to 30 minute segments each for about 10 years before that.

I won't readily go to a class anymore, and I've averaged 7 in 8 practices at home in the past 4 years... and they are at intermediate level now, and sometimes lasting well over an hour each.

I am glad you write a book for home that is aimed at all ages.

Being a yogi who is over 55 years old has its challenges, and the average student my age never forgets they started as a beginner no matter how long ago!

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