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November 09, 2010


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physical therapist salary

Panic disorder is included among what mental health professionals call anxiety disorders.

Laura Rodriguez

If you want to link to the post, that is fine.


Manuel Porras Brand

Since I want to use some of this, I wont copy it. I will just link back to the Post. Sound ok ?


Wow... this one is awesome information.I like this technique. Yoga will help to give you better posture. As you become more flexible, and muscles become stronger.

Laura Rodriguez

Well, thank you for sharing the bikram breathing technique! How often do you repeat it?


Driving Anxiety

Interesting. I never tried this breathing technique before. I take bikram and we do a breathing exercise but its different, we raise or elbows up with hands clasped and inhale as much as we can and then exhale through our mouths hard... i find it very relaxing...

Laura Rodriguez

Thank you for sharing that experience...That's a major reason I avoid any drugs or medications as much as I possibly can.

anxiety drug

My elderly dad was prescribed a low dose of Ativan for anxiety. Within 2 weeks he started having auditory hallucinations and could not sleep because the "walls were talking to him". After he passed every physical test in an emergency visit to the local ER- from a cat scan to blood work and everything in between, the psychiatrist on duty matter of factly told me that Ativan has been known to cause delirium in elderly patients.

Laura V. Rodriguez

Thank you, Debbie. That's wonderful to know!

Keep me posted on any plans for a Wash., DC tea party (yours of course, not the other kind!)

Debbie Phillips

Lovely. Using your wonderful techniques while on the road traveling. Thank you, Laura!!

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