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October 28, 2009


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Laura Venecia Rodriguez

Thanks, Tina. I would just advise that you allow your natural extroversion to return. If it's your nature, express it!



Interesting question. I have been told I am possibly an ambivert.

I tend to do a lot of things alone, nine-tenths of my lifetime of having been obese, and taking other people's opinions of the outer package to heart—in this culture—has squelched much of whatever natural extroversion I may have had.

Laura Rodriguez

Oh - one other question, Tina. Are you more of an introvert or extrovert. I just read a post from another yogi's blog who claims that most people who prefer home practice are introverts whereas extroverts prefer being in a class. Admittedly, I am personally more of an introvert. I do love being social, but when it comes to my exercise regime, I want total convenience and ability to do whatever I want, how I want. That's what drives me. One friend (who I wrote about in a post about a year or so ago) said he would never consider doing yoga in a class - that his yoga practice is too "sacred" for that....

Laura Rodriguez

Most interesting, Tina. I could probably learn quite a bit from you! As long as "pushing" yourself doesn't mean straining or experiencing any pain, I agree that it's good to stretch beyond our usual comfort zone. I need to challenge myself a bit more with some new poses. I have become pretty comfortable with my daily regime. But, a principal benefit of a home practice is that we get to tailor it to exactly how we want it!


Laura Rodriguez

Thanks, Tina, for your feedback. You are correct. My experience with yoga classes has been limited. I have attended only a handful. Luckily, no one called me out. I have heard complaints that sometimes teachers may push class participants to do too much. Some yoga class participants have also told me that some classes have gotten too competitive. Given the number of athletic people doing yoga, in a way it's kind of become a sport in some circles. And just fashionable and cool in others. Considering I am kind of a klutz, I'm sticking with my home practice where I can stretch and move on my own and still benefit tremendously. I only do a few difficult poses and nothing that requires acrobatic abilities. For the 20-30 minutes a day that I spend in yoga, however,I think I am doing pretty darn well.



I am a student of vinyasa yoga, and relatively graceless ... I am intermediate level only because of some strength, endurance and spinal flexibility I do possess.

You fail to mention (possibly because you may have not experienced it yet) that a teacher could call you out - such as yelling at me if I should so much as fall out of a pose because of his fast-moving sequence that shifts in a half breath each, from triangle to crescent moon to plank to king pigeon pose, for example.

[And those are his slow, classical sequences ... lol]

Because it's gotten too big and trendy, too many vinyasa teachers are like this.

So I have to join you, in saying, Yay for home practice!

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