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Inspirational Writer/Public Speaker on the practical application of ancient wisdom, techniques, and stories to create a more magical life.


Laura first taught herself hatha yoga at age 15 and practiced yoga off and on for several decades. During the past decade, Laura became more mindful and focused in her practice and she reaped almost immediate results! By fitting in 25-30 minutes of hatha yoga daily into her busy life as a professional single mother, she has enjoyed a surge in energy, greater flexibility, and many more moments of spontaneous joy.

She considers yoga to be one of the three essential keys to a healthy lifestyle that makes her feel as young as she did decades ago. Her mission is to make hatha yoga accessible to many more people, especially to non-athletes like herself, so they too can get more juice out of life and feel great. She firmly believes that everyone should dedicate 20-30 minutes daily to this ancient health system. She says that if she can do it, virtually ANYONE can do it and reap the same benefits. Laura says, "hatha yoga gently and steadily awakens the physical, mental, and spiritual genie within you!


Spirituality, health, etc.), French, Spanish, rock, jazz, public speaking, fitness, funk, hip-hop - sort of), art appreciation, worldwide travel., books (especially about entrepreneurship, spirituality, and self-development), music of all kinds (especially classical and flamenco jazz guitar); freestyle dancing (to music with a heavy bass beat like Zumba!)