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March 28, 2012


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Laura Rodriguez

I appreciate your feedback!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.


Far be it from Gaiam not to seize the opportunity and "aim true" for the market of 15 year old (and thereabouts) beginners in the year 2012 ... and Kathryn Budig (is she on her way to becoming known for Just One Thing? Those arm balances?) needing to be catapulted ... to said targets ...


A rose by any other name ....

Laura Rodriguez

Great! I think you submitted this comment before....


Yoga is good. I love Yoga.
I have practiced Yoga for six months, it has not only improved my back problems and aching joints, but it also improved the sex lives, stronger sex drive, better erection and orgasm.

Laura Rodriguez

Wonderful! Of yours, you can still go to the gym - but now you have the option of enjoying yoga at home ANY time you feel like rolling out your mat!

Solar Water Heater

this is unique and excellent for me because i am new in yoga exercise. I won't be going to gym anymore. I will get some video youtube for this thanks to your point.

Laura Rodriguez

Well, as I have said before, Tina, you area more advanced than I in many if not most of these poses. All I know, though, is that what I do works for me!



If I were currently 15 years old in the environment of a Kathryn Budig, I would have modified like crazy. Child's pose and hanging forward fold would have been my friends. (Would not have trusted my downward facing dog.) Not sure I would have sought out a much softer style. Judging by my behavior right now at this age, I seek out the idiosyncratic physically challenging yet contemplative yoga practices to follow online. I sure don't have to do inversions. That said, I'd never advanced in the challenging ones. Yoga done by the few and "prescribed" to the many, is another of the maya (or illusions) of the current star culture ...

Laura Rodriguez

Thank you, Vision Quest for your perspective. I cannot attest to or refute Kathryn Kudig's longevity. I can only say that had the type of yoga she does been my only exposure to the practice when I was 15, I would have never even begun doing yoga. Fortunately, I learned about gentle hatha yoga that while less visually impressive, is still powerful. I have been reaping the benefits for decades. And, I think more "real, regular" people can also without having to engage in yoga acrobatics.

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